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About us

The goal of K² Paranormal Investigations is to offer support & aid for those who are experiencing any situations that are believed to have the potential of being caused by the paranormal. We specialize in paranormal investigating, research, home & property cleansings, and assisting in the expulsion of any unwanted entity directly affecting the everyday lives of our clients. We strive to provide our client's with valid evidence to either prove or disprove their suspicion of paranormal activity, educate people about the paranormal field & help spirits find their way to the other side. 

K² Paranormal Investigations serves the Metro Atlanta area.

If you are interested in submitting your application to K²  Paranormal Investigation to become a guest investigator or guest tech equipment operator with potential promotion to a permanent position, please contact K²  Paranormal Investigations to set up an interview. 

The Management Team

Kristy Smith

Kayla Hall

How 'Bout That???

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